letters from lovers and other strangers
mortuary blues some are young and some are old but they are all too young for to be that cold hazy memories another sad day and it's still raining on a day like this with one embrace you gave this place your name and face bitter kisses you offered me bitter kisses and sour wine behind closed doors the face you show tells nothing no more like strangers we met like a stranger you left just another song maybe the day will come and I'm gone but baby stay in my mind like this song blue eyed angel when skies are tumbling down crawl under my skin this is the moment to begin new day no more tears to cry even though there are reasons why a smile can change your way and laughter makes your day kick up the fire become immortal before you die dark friend blue deep when the day is gone in a fight with the sun it's your kingdom hawaii song all moments we had there's not one I regret just for you just for you
four star five

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