The crematorium is no longer in use. The
devices of the Nazis are out of date. Nine
million dead haunt this landscape. Who is
on the lookout from this strange tower to
warn us of the coming of new executioners?
Are their faces really different from our
own? Somewhere among us, there are lucky
Kapos, reinstated officers, and unknown
informers. There are those who refused to
believe this, or believed it only from
time to time. And there are those of us
who sincerely look upon the ruins today,
as if the old concentration camp monster
were dead and buried beneath them. Those
who pretend to take hope again as the
image fades, as though there were a cure
for the plague of these camps. Those of
us who pretend to believe that all this
happened only once, at a certain time and
in a certain place, and those who refuse
to see, who do not hear the cry to the
end of time.

Jean Cayrol

in "Night and Fog", Alain Resnais

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